Rifle Ban and Ammo Limit, Are On the Way…

Friend, Just a few weeks after I notified you about the restrictive gun control bill SB 554, two new initiatives are in the signature gathering stage: Initiative Petition 18 (IP 18) Initiative Petition 17 (IP 17) IP 18 would ban the sale of many “assault style” firearms in Oregon by prohibiting the manufacture, possession, and … Read more

Oregon’s New Gun Infringement

Friend, I want to let you know that Oregon’s new control bill just went into effect. Oregon now requires gun owners to store their firearms in a gun room/safe or use a trigger lock when it is not in use. Failure to do so could result in lawsuits, fines, and penalties. This law is a … Read more

Thoughts on Mandates and Local Volunteer Opportunities

My Thoughts on Mandates It has been a few weeks since Governor Brown announced another mandate. This time, mandating masks outdoors. On top of mandating the COVID vaccine for health care workers, teachers, and first responders, Brown continues to show her disdain for letting the people decide. These sweeping mandates must come to an end. … Read more

Campaign News – Commitments and the Fair!

Commitments to Term Limits I am proud to sign the pledge committing myself to enact term limits. Oregon Term Limits is a chapter of the Term Limits Convention, a national campaign to enact Congressional term limits. To learn more about Oregon Term Limits, please go here. Fun at the Douglas County Fair! We had a … Read more

Virgle’s Thoughts on the Oregon Legislative Session

The Democrats and Governor failed Oregonians this session. They failed to address key issues such as education and homelessness and even restricted our 2nd Amendment rights. Gun Rights The omnibus gun control bill signed into law early last month encroaches on our rights to keep and bear arms. One of the bills, SB 2510, mandates … Read more

An Introduction

Hello! My name is Virgle Osborne, and I am running to represent YOU in the Oregon House of Representatives. I am: Pro- Small Business Pro- Timber Industry Pro- Law Enforcement Pro- 2nd Amendment Why I am Running I have deep roots here in Douglas County and I feel like current leadership is not representing the … Read more