The Archie Creek Fire

Friends, For the last six weeks, the Douglas Timber Operators have been publishing a weekly documentary highlighting the events of the Archie Creek Fire and those that put their lives on the line to save others. As a member of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Team, I remember the chaos that ensued. … Read more

We Must Be Tough on Crime

Friend, An example of why we need to be tough on crime is the traffic stop that happened a couple weeks ago for a minor violation. The stop transpired to be the uncovering and confiscation of an estimated 23 pounds of methamphetamine and 47,000 fentanyl pills. Criminals negate the everyday responsibilities that Oregon’s citizens endure and enforcing … Read more

Say “no” to More Power to Bureaucrats

Friend, Democrats are intent on giving more power to unelected bureaucrats. A bill is currently being passed around that will give the Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Director to determine a health care emergency. This is a power previously held only by the Governor. This is a disastrous bill and gives power to an unaccountable … Read more

A Win For Taxpayers

Friend, We recently secured a rare win this week. The Sales Tax Bill that was sneakily introduced earlier this week was quickly pulled before the public hearing could start. This was due to the severe public opposition the bill gathered. The bill was going to tax cars, clothes, phones, and even firearms. Make no mistake … Read more

Proud to Stand With Our Law Enforcement

Friend, I am proud to announce that our campaign has been endorsed by Douglas County sheriff John Hanlin. Sheriff Hanlin is a pillar in our community and has protected us for decades. I am honored that he has put his faith in our campaign to command a strong Southern Oregon Voice in Salem that stands … Read more

We Have 4 Months

Friend, There are four months until the Republican Primary Election. Since kicking off this campaign in April, I have been humbled by the amount of support and kind words by all of you. I take none of this for granted. I am often reminded why I decided to run: the suffering of the homeless on … Read more

Is Help On the Way?

Friend, Next Monday, the Oregon Legislature will convene for a special session designed to help Oregon renters. The bureaucracy that Democrats have dumped millions of dollars into has become so inefficient it dangers the housing status of many Oregonians. But what I also worry about is assistance for the mom-and-pop landlords who depend on rent … Read more

Making Your Life Easier

Friend, As I am sure you have seen in the news, prices are on the rise. Whether it’s at the gas pump or grocery store, your hard-earned dollars are being wasted away due to poor policies. This is why ewe must elect leaders who actively make it their goal to ensure the lives of you … Read more

Honoring Our Veterans

Friend, Today we honor the men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Whether they are a Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Guardsmen, or Marine, they put on the uniform and defended us with valor. We owe it to our veterans to ensure that when they complete their assignment and return to our communities, we … Read more

Defending Our Local Businesses

Friend, Local businesses have undoubtedly faced hardship over the last year and a half. With “non-essential” closures, occupancy limitations, and taxes – the need for a business advocate has never been greater, which is why I have dedicated time on the campaign trail to stop and listen to local businesses in the area. Too often … Read more