Rifle Ban and Ammo Limit, Are On the Way…


Just a few weeks after I notified you about the restrictive gun control bill SB 554, two new initiatives are in the signature gathering stage:

  • Initiative Petition 18 (IP 18)
  • Initiative Petition 17 (IP 17)

IP 18 would ban the sale of many “assault style” firearms in Oregon by prohibiting the manufacture, possession, and transferring of many semi-automatic firearms.

IP 17 would ban the sale of magazines over 10 rounds. It would also require a new permit to purchase any gun.

Read more: https://oregoncatalyst.com/55651-watch-2-potential-gun-control-ballot-measures.html

The Left just can’t help themselves. They will do everything they can to strip us of our 2A rights. It isup to us to stop them.

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Thank you, Friend.


Virgle Osborne